Friday, April 27, 2012

Blogger, I dare object to the inability to add NewLine characters to your profile, as it makes expressing yourself a little difficult. Perhaps you should add an "Other info about yourself" text box that allows NewLines, so that I don't need to talk about myself in a post?

...Perhaps it may not be that bad. But it's regardless a tad annoying :\

Anyways, as you may have figured out, My name is Eric "E-Rock" Thompson, a semi-stereotypical software geek raised in the Western Charlotte suburbs that's grown with a decent case of social awkwardness. Of course, contrary to a lot of stereotypes and despite the awkwardness, I have my fair share of awesome friends, computer freaks or not.

Anyways, here's my info in list form, with stuff ranging from my spiritual path to my favorite OS. :D

Name - Eric N. “E-Rock” Thompson

Internet Aliases: DarkBallYE, LordRagnarock, ZeroGlaivelen

Age - 19 and rising! (Like everyone else’s age, apparently =] )

Born, Raised and Residing - Charlotte, NC

School - UNC Charlotte

Hobbies/Interests - Linguistics, Philosophy/Religion, Vintage Computing, Linux (Newbie :C), Computing Experiments, Writing Stories, Digital Art.

Religion/Path - Noahide/B’nei Noach, with elements from Eastern philosophy thrown in.

Languages Spoken - U.S. English, Japanese (A bit Elementary, bit it’s decent :D)

Languages Forgotten - Spanish, French

Languages Learning - Japanese, Hebrew (Biblical and Modern), Esperanto

Languages Inventing - Meikar (Behold the Header =] )

Number of Computers owned - Around 10 Notebooks and a Desktop, mostly Classic Macintosh.

Number of computers I use - Five. 17” MacBook Pro (2007), eMachines E520 (2009), Acer Aspire One (2010), PowerBook 1400c (1997), Power Macintosh 7500 (1997). I would have use for a G3 B+W Tower if the HD would boot >_>

Number that run Windows - 1 if you don’t count VMs, 2 if you do.

OS of choice - Linux, Mac OS Classic.

Favorite game - Shadow Wraith (Mac OS Classic)

Myers Briggs Personality Type: INTP. Having taken three tests, however, has revealed that the last three letters are very close to the middle, and thus have given me three different results: INTP, INTJ, INFP.

Political Preference - Libertarian Party, but overall prefers many 3rd Parties.

There you go! Blogger, perhaps you may be able to learn a little something from this annoyance? :P

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