Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Cyrillo-Latin idea for the American English Alphabet

I'm not sure what prompted me to do this, probably just the want to play with the English language. either way, this was a fun little thing to attempt. This thing's still in its prototype stages, so I'm open to suggestions.

Upon writing down all the possible sounds in American English, I came to realize there are around 12 common vowel sounds and 27 different consonant sounds. So deciding to make a phonetic alphabet, I ended up with 37 letters and two dipthongs. But to make things easier (by using less letters), I made sure certain letters were variant forms of others.

The Alphabet so far:

A - Father
Ӓ - Law, Hawk
Æ - Mash, Camel
B* - Bat, Ball
Ḇ* - Vowel, Ventrilloquist
Г - Gate
Д - Dog, Deer
E - Elf, Red
Ё - Bud, Love
U - Ruin, Spoon
Ú - Weather
Ü - Put, Wood
З - Zoo, Zero
Ӟ - Treasure, Luge
H - Help, Himalayas
T - Talk, Tin
И - Heed, Read
Ӥ - Rift, Pill
Й - Yarn
K - Kepler
L - Looney
M - Munchies
Ƞ - Never, News
Ŋ - Thing, Surfing
O - Lord, Poor
П - Purple, Pants
Ԥ - Fall, Fantastic
Ф** - Philosophy
Р - Rope, Rift
Ш - Simple, Soup
Щ  - Shirt, Shins
Ө or Þ*** - Thistle, Thing
Ӫ or Đ*** - This, Rather
Ч - Church, Child
Ӌ - Jump, Joy
Ц - Gatsby, Pits
Ҵ - Ads, Cards

Dipthong-Vowels: AO makes the "ow" in "fowl," OU makes the "o" in "rope."

The Only Spelling Exception: Plurals end in Ш, EШ, З or EЗ. This especially applies to plural words that would otherwise end in Ц or Ҵ.

Considered letter: ь for a soft sound, like how the T is soft in "at."

*Б for B and В for V are being considered.

**I'm considering taking this out and leaving
Ԥ as its equivalent.

***I am not sure whether as to choose one, the other, or even accept both.

Let me know what you think! I'm always open to suggestions. :)

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