Friday, May 18, 2012

The Third Party

As many readers of my first post may know, I'm a Libertarian, to where I've even registered as one. The fact is that I've come to see (under my personal conclusion and opinion, others may think differently) that a Third Party would be a godsend for this nation. The problem, however, is that despite how much I love what a lot of third party candidates stand for, they have very little publicity on Television, Radio and hearsay. Even on the internet, one has to do some looking to realize such people exist.

Hence, few people in the US consider a vote for them. A common excuse is that they don't want to waste their vote, despite how much they like the person. This leads me to the conclusion that the reason third parties so seldom win is that the many people that would happily choose them, simply avoid them out of fear of loss, and that a third party could far more easily win if this fear could be removed.

Therefore, I'm thinking of starting an internet group dedicated to the publicizing of third parties in the U.S. While I'm not so good at maintaining groups, this is one cause I'm willing to start for the U.S.

Anyone have thoughts?

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